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What Is Chiropractic?

Balanced Body Chiropractic are are a team of qualified chiropractors providing expert chiropractic care in Boronia, serving the City of Knox, Wantirna, Bayswater and Ferntree Gully areas. Our chiropractic treatment can benefit a variety of conditions. Tailored care is available for all ages.

What is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic is a drug free and surgery free primary healthcare discipline, that deals with the management and prevention of mechanical disorders of the muscles and joints in the body. It is based on the scientific premise that the body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism. When your nervous system is free of interference, it is able to work at its best to efficiently control all aspects of your body’s functioning.

The practice of chiropractic focuses on your structure (mainly the bones of your spine and pelvis) and your function (as coordinated by your nervous system). The relationship between structure and function will affect how well your brain, spinal cord and nerves coordinate the everyday living of your body, your ability to heal and your optimal interaction with your environment.


What does your nervous system do and what does that have to do with your spine?

1: Your nervous system controls and coordinates every cell, tissue and organ in your body.

2: Your spine protects your nervous system and allows movement and flexibility.

3: When your spine loses normal motion or position, it may affect the way your nerves work and interfere with normal daily activities which may lead to poor health.

There are three types of chiropractic care;

1: Initial intensive care is about symptomatic relief, usually 4-5 visits.

2: Reconstructive or rehabilitative care is often less frequent and incorporates exercises aimed at retraining old habits and nutritional support for healing and repair of joints, nerves and muscles.

3: Long-term management for chronic pain and chronic conditions. Chiropractic care may be appropriate for some chronic conditions however, this is dependent on your individual needs and is usually in collaboration with your general practitioner.

Tailored Individual Care

At Balanced Body Chiropractic, each case is managed individually, taking into account each person’s history. A thorough exam is performed and based on our findings, special tests or X-rays may be required. Your presenting complaint and health concerns will determine the development of your schedule of care. Regular reviews ensure we are on track with your expected level of improvement and changes will be made to mirror your health goals. Exercise and nutritional support may be incorporated to ensure long-term improvement and sustainable outcomes for your health. How long you choose to benefit from chiropractic care is entirely up to you.

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to educate and empower our patients to make better health choices and improve the quality of their lives through chiropractic care. Your active participation will ensure better health and recovery outcomes, less dependency and the ability to serve our greater community."