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Women's Health Issues

Balanced Body Chiropractic understands Women and their health. Women’s health issues are complex, sometimes interfere with daily life and can be debilitating. Chiropractic care may assist women in addressing areas such as period pain and post natal complications.

Medically diagnosed women’s health issues can be complex to treat and may benefit from chiropractic care. In 1999, Dr Aybar became one of the founding members of E.C.C.A., Endometriosis Care Centre of Australia; the first multidisciplinary approach to women’s health that incorporated chiropractic and alternative medicine. Whilst many women’s health issues are related to hormonal factors, some are complicated by trauma, medication or due to altered neurological input from the spine.

Chiropractic and Women’s Health

Illness, disease and injury related to women’s health can be assisted and prevented with regular check-ups from your medical physician, gynaecologist or obstetrician. Pain and exhaustion of services for some conditions can sometimes leave women feeling at a loss of what is available for them. The stigma associated with seeking assistance for women’s health often leaves the topic of further treatment or alternate options undiscussed. Common health issues experienced by women include: 

  • period pain
  • endometriosis
  • post-natal injury
  • pain during sex
  • poor pelvic tone and stability
  • incontinence

Common complications associated with investigation and treatment of women’s health issues may include;

  • lower back pain
  • decreased pelvic tone
  • pelvic pain and altered sensitivity
  • anxiety and depression
  • increased stress levels
  • deceased ability to cope

How Chiropractic Care May Assist? 

The health and alignment of your spine directly influences your overall wellbeing. As well as regular contact with your specialist gynaecologist, obstetrician and general practitioner, staying active and eating healthy; chiropractic care may be able to assist with the pain management associated with women’s issues. Chiropractic care may also assist in improving pelvic floor tone and pelvic stability, which may positively benefit issues such as incontinence, intimacy and confidence. A sensitive and mindful approach is employed to manipulate the lower spine and adjacent tissues. Regular chiropractic care may improve the negative symptoms associated with women’s health issues, increase energy and enhance mood.