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Hip Injury & Pain

Balanced Body Chiropractic is able to assess the hip and assist in determining possible sources of pain. We provide chiropractic treatment for hip-related injury and conditions. Pain management advice and basic assistive rehabilitation of chronic hip conditions is also available.


The hip is complex joint surrounded by many tissues and organs. The optimal function of the hip joint is heavily dependent on the health and mobility of related joints such as the ankle, knee, the pubic symphysis and the lumbar spine. Many muscles work together to produce movement at the hip; injury to any of these muscles may cause a strength imbalance, impacting on the ability to walk or run efficiently. The range of motion at the hip joint may also be impacted. Strength imbalances may lead to acute injury of internal structures and long-term chronic injuries such as;

  • acetabular labral tears
  • ligament sprains, strains and damage
  • uneven wearing of cartilage and damage
  • osteoarthritis

In the case of young children or a history of trauma, persistent hip pain may indicate a need for referral or further investigation.

In addition to the mechanical factors, internal organs, adjacent joints and nearby tissues may cause referred pain to the hip, which is not primarily hip related. Chronic and inflammatory conditions and illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus may also contribute to hip pain or damage. Identifying the primary cause of hip pain in essential in taking steps to managing pain and moving forward to activity management, rehabilitation and recovery.

A small percentage of hip complaints may require referral for imaging or blood tests. A thorough assessment of your hip, related joints, spine and overall health will assist your chiropractor in determining which is the right course of action for you. Some hip issues may require a diagnostic arthroscopy or surgery. No matter what stage of injury or state of recovery you are in, Balanced Body Chiropractic is able to assist you in managing your needs and explaining your options, helping you to stay informed.


Chiropractic Care for Hip Pain

An overall thorough and comprehensive assessment of your hip, related joints, tissues and spine will be conducted using a range of examinations and orthopaedic tests. The information gathered along with your general health screen will determine the type of chiropractic care that is best for you. Releasing soft tissues and spinal subluxations with targeted adjustments may enable efficient nerve control of your hip and relevant muscles. Chiropractic care may be able to manage hip pain, referred pain and in certain circumstances, provide symptomatic relief for chronic conditions such as arthritis. Advice on maintaining hip function through exercise, mobility and stretching is used to complement your care.