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Balanced Body Chiropractic have a special interest in treating headaches. We address a wide range of headache causes, including whiplash and neck injury, poor posture and degenerative change. Our chiropractic techniques may assist with headache severity, alleviate pain, target the causes and address the symptoms associated with headaches.

Headache Types, Triggers and Causes

Headaches can be very painful and often present with pain in the neck, shoulders and face. Trauma, poor posture, stress, anxiety, diet, coffee, smells, medication side-effects and tension may all contribute to headaches. The triggers are unique to each individual, but there are a few common types of headaches which may positively benefit from chiropractic care; 

  • Cervicogenic headaches – originate in the neck, shoulders and spine due to poor nerve function, nerve compression or poor muscle control in the neck.
  • Tension headaches – the most common type of headache. Dull, tight and heavy feeling on both sides head and/or neck. Associated with muscle stiffness, tender scalp, neck and shoulders. Can occur in children, teenagers and adults.
  • Cluster headaches – very painful burning and stabbing pain behind the eye, cheek, forehead and gum. More common in men than in women.

Common causes of headaches:

  • Neck injury, strain of ligaments and muscles
  • Head and neck trauma and whiplash
  • Muscle tension in neck
  • Poor posture and work ergonomics
  • Eye strain
  • Weakened supportive neck muscles.

Headaches and Chiropractic

When the neck muscles and ligaments are strained, they can respond with confusing signals that may compress and create tension on the nerves of the head and neck. Spinal misalignments, especially in the upper cervical spine at the top of the neck, may also change how well the nervous system communicates with the head, neck and face. Balanced Body Chiropractic addresses these complications by attempting to locate the source of your headache pain. We use focused manipulation techniques, stretches and strengthening exercises to balance the nervous system and improve your neck posture. This aims to minimise overactive pain signals and reduce your headache intensity and frequency.