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Frozen Shoulder

Treatment and rehabilitation for ‘Frozen Shoulder’ is available at Balanced Body Chiropractic. We also provide chiropractic treatment for shoulder pain, rotator cuff injuries, acromioclavicular joint injury, capsular impingement, bursitis and pain referred to the shoulder. Balanced Body Chiropractic may also assist in the management of symptoms associated with joint degeneration, osteoarthritis and post-surgical complications.

Frozen Shoulder is often mistaken for a rotator cuff injury. It is very common but the cause of Frozen Shoulder is often not clear. The neck, ribs, shoulder blade and collar bone can be closely associated. Most patients with frozen shoulder experience stiffness, pain, a reduced range of function. Difficulty reaching upward to a shelf and backward to undo a bra or tuck in a shirt is also common. In the initial stages, frozen shoulder pain prevents patients from sleeping on the problem shoulder, resulting poor sleep patterns and difficulty managing daily pain and performing daily activity. 

Stages of Frozen Shoulder

Classic Frozen Shoulder has 3 stages. Each stage can last for months and if left untreated, may persist for more than a year. Chiropractic care is capable of assisting patients at each stage: 

  1. Freezing – begins with pain followed by limited range of shoulder movement.
  2. Frozen – pain may be reduced; shoulder movement is stiff and limited.
  3. Thawing stage – gradual return of shoulder movement, with weakness. Strength training required for optimal recovery.

Chiropractic Care for Frozen Shoulder

A comprehensive chiropractic assessment aims to find out where your frozen shoulder is making the biggest impact in your life and assist you in regaining shoulder function using chiropractic techniques. This may include adjustments to relieve subluxations in the spine, ribs and shoulder blade, assisting with pain management and improvement in muscular function by stimulating nerve function. Movement retraining and gentle strengthening exercises are also advised to assist with pain management and recovery.