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Back Pain

There are many causes of back pain. The exact cause can be difficult to identify. Balanced Body Chiropractic is experienced in examining and determining the possible factors that contribute to non-specific back pain and may be able to assist your recovery and pain management.

Back pain has many causes. There are as many pain causing tissues in and around the spine as there are ways to injure them. Most back pain has a specific cause, that is, an event, accident or trauma brings on the back pain. In other cases, the back pain begins as low level back pain that it is difficult to attribute to an event and gradually gets worse. Back pain may come from:

  • a damaged or irritated disc
  • a compressed disc or nerve
  • muscular tightness
  • muscle strain
  • tendon pain or strain
  • ligament sprain or strain
  • facet joint sprain or irritation
  • inflammation of any of the above mentioned structures
  • pain referred from the body to the back

No matter the cause of your pain or the circumstance of your injury, early diagnosis generally results in a speedier recovery.


Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

At Balanced Body Chiropractic, we recognise the impact back pain can have on your working and personal life. We encourage all of our patients to address back pain at the earliest sign and symptoms. Early diagnosis and treatment may assist in returning to normal activity sooner. A comprehensive chiropractic assessment including orthopaedic examination, case history and functional testing will assist us in identifying the cause of your pain. Treatment may include chiropractic adjustments to correct spinal subluxation, soft tissue manipulation, stretching and exercise prescription. Advice on self management and prevention is also provided, as we consider the impact of your pain in your life. Questions about your work and personal duties may also be asked, to assist you in moving in the safest manner possible.