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Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016 22:42
Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury! Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury!

In this day and age, our lives are set to full throttle, we sleep 90 minutes less than we did 100 years ago, we are accessible24/7 via email, fax, mobile, text, land line, BBM, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, video conferencing… and the list goes on. Gone are the days when you can leave work at work and technology doesn’t rule our lives. I bet it seems funny and very normal, however, have you ever stopped to ask your body how it feels about the pace we have entered into?

When was the last time you thought of sleep as a priority? How often do you trade off sleep to get one last project finished or even made the statement, ‘I will catch up on sleep tomorrow or over the weekend’? Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury and if you want to sleep better and live longer, now is the time to look at reprioritising sleep back into its rightful place as a number one priority next to eating and rehydrating.

We all should understand how much sleep our body needs, what our ideal bedroom environment is and how ‘comfort’ and ‘support’ are not just words thrown around by marketing campaigns describing a mattress or pillow - the right comfort and the right support impacts on our bodies while we sleep, if we don’t take the time to fully understand the mattress and pillow we are buying, our bodies and our sleep are the ones that suffer.

A simple fact, a 33 year old male or female has spent on average 11 years in bed – yes 11 years, that is eight (8) hours every night. For such an important area of our lives, we put very little thought into our mattress and pillow – it is the least seen piece of furniture in our home but the most used.

sleep 03Poor sleep affects our productivity, mood, health, focus and general wellbeing and should not be left to chance when we start considering what we are sleeping on. One of Melbourne’s long standing and successful Chiropractors, Dr George Skandalellis is the founder of a unique company called back to sleep®. Dr Skandalellis’s discovered through his clinic, the need to provide the market with a specialised service to help not only his patients, but fellow colleague’s patients, throughout Australia. back to sleep® is focused on ensuring all are Asare covered when it comes to your sleep – during a one on one consultation, our specialist Health Professionals discuss five vital areas – Posture, Hours, Mattress, Pillows and Protectors. back to sleep® are only too aware that many people suffer from avoidable and unnecessary pain, simply because the bed and pillow they are sleeping on is of poor quality and does not provide the right spinal support.

sleep 04The back to sleep® mattress and pillow range is exclusive and can not be found in retail outlets.Dr Skandalellis believes the right mattress and pillow should be recommended by a trained and trusted Health Professional.

How do you know if your mattress and/or pillow are causing poor sleep?

Ask yourself - Do you:

  • Struggle to get out of bed in the morning?
  • Struggle to fall asleep?Sleep on your stomach?
  • Wake when your partner moves at night?
  • Suffer from allergies (such as asthma, sinus etc.)?
  • Suffer from heat issues during the night?
  • Use more than one pillow when you sleep?
  • Is your:Mattress uncomfortable?
  • Mattress more than 7 years old?
  • Pillow more than 2 years old?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then back to sleep® mattresses and pillows may be the solution for you.

Book your complimentary mattress/pillow assessment with your back to sleep® specialist today at our website or call 1300 85 4557 and discuss these important issues and how they affect you and your body.

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