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About Balanced Body Chiropractic

A family chiropractic clinic, based within the multidisciplinary facility - Melbourne Eastern Healthcare in Boronia. Balanced Body Chiropractic provides treatment and patient-centred care for the entire family, servicing the greater city of Knox, Wantirna, Ferntree Gully, Bayswater and Boronia. New patients are Welcome!

Our Boronia chiropractic practice delivers a complete range of chiropractic services for numerous conditions including:

  • knee and ankle injuries
  • hip injury and pain
  •  pelvic floor issues
  •  sciatic pain
  •  back pain and disc injury
  •  frozen shoulder
  •  migraines
  • headaches
  • pregnancy-related back and pelvic pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • scoliosis

These are but a few of the many types of conditions that may benefit from treatment by the Balanced Body Chiropractic team. Our holistic, patient-centred approach focuses on relieving symptoms and addressing the possible causes of many types of pain. Working together with our patients, we aim to achieve the best possible health outcomes, helping  you stay at the top of your game. Our personalised chiropractic programs also incorporate individual nutritional advice and recommended supplements where required, plus exercise and structural support products and advice.

A naturally chiropractic story

Founded by principal Simone Aybar, Balanced Body Chiropractic transpired through a classic story of natural inspiration even though at first, a painful experience – a work injury causing her a sore back. As a biochemistry major at uni with a desire to work in the health industry free from drugs, chiropractic stood up tall and called out ‘learn me!’ On from there and with a passion to heal and find true body balance using natural chiropractic philosophy, after many years of learning and experience – having begun formal chiropractic studies in Davenport Iowa at the beginning of the 90’s – Simone settled in Melbourne and in 2008, Balanced Body Chiropractic in Boronia was established. With Simone as practice principal, Balanced Body Chiropractic is a proud team of highly qualified and experienced chiropractors in Boronia. We look forward to continuing to help people in the Boronia, Wantirna, Ferntree Gully and Bayswater areas with excellent chiropractic solutions for your optimum health.