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Chiropractic Case Studies

BB Chiro in Boronia treat many conditions from mild to chronic with individual chiropractic programs. As our case studies demonstrate, we have great success in helping people with chiropractic care.

Using chiropractic techniques to both eliminate problems and optimise health, BB Chiro have helped many families with chiropractic in the Boronia, Wantirna, Bayswater and Ferntree Gully areas. Each case is unique, as every person is different, no matter what age or complaint. Following is a sample of the cases that have come to BB Chiro and discovered the great benefits of our chiropractic solutions.


A 5 year old boy ‘diagnosed with ASD was refereed to me by a naturopath. The young boy had no language skills at the time and no words had been spoken. His birth was described as difficult and the labor was long. The birth was assisted by forceps. He was very unsettled and spent the first several months crying. He still did not sleep well through the night. After three weeks of chiropractic care he became more relaxed and settled better at night. The early intervention center noted his improved language over the following weeks. The boy began speaking simple sentences.


A 30 year old woman diagnosed with MS attended my clinic to see if anything could be done to help increase her stability. She suffered from weakness and balance issues associated with her MS. As MS is very difficult to diagnose initially, by the time it is discovered often the traditional medical treatment of drug therapy is often ineffective. Many of the drugs currently available only aim to treat the symptoms and have significant side effects. Early diagnosis seems to respond a bit more favorably.

During the case history it was revealed that she also suffered extreme anxiety around toileting. It was not uncommon to stop three to four times on the way to work from home (a 4 K trip). After starting care the first noticeable change was the anxiety no longer affected her and she was able to go into the city on the train without having to stop. Car trips were possible and she and her husband were able to take a road trip without stopping every 20 minutes!


An eight year old boy was referred by his GP to my clinic for bedwetting. Upon examination he had a history of back pain following a fall down the stairs when he was younger onto his bottom. Sacral segments were identified as the potential cause. Bedwetting is somewhat difficult due to the different influences on the bladder. There is a sacral component which deals with being “aware” of the full bladder, there is the sphincter component which deals with the ability to “hold on” to the urine and there is the brain component which “wakes” you when the bladder is full. After two weeks of chiropractic care the boy was having dry nights for the first time.


A twelve year old girl was referred to my clinic two years following a severe injury to her tailbone. At the time of the accident she was x-rayed in hospital and there was discussion of surgical removal of her coccyx. Due to her age they decided not to operate and she spent the next two years in pain when sitting. She also suffered with painful menstrual cycles and bowel movements. Due to the severe nature of her injury an internal coccyx adjustment was necessary. After one adjustment attended by her mother, there was immediate relief. No further internal adjustments were needed however; regular chiropractic care could be utilized to work on the pelvis and spine which was also involved in the injury.

Erectile Dysfunction

A 60 year old man presented to my clinic complaining of occasional low back pain and shoulder pain associated with physical activity. The pain was described as a constant ache which was increased with physical activity. His wife referred him in because he had suffered a minor stroke some years ago which left him with “gaps” in his memory, most profoundly his difficulty in reading maps. Upon his case history he had issues with his prostrate which during the time in my care he had surgery. One of the side effects of prostate surgery is impotency which if it improves will take up to 2 years. I managed his lower back with gentle chiropractic adjustments focused on the pelvis, sacrum and coccyx to not only deal with the mechanical low back pain but also to improve the pelvic floor which was affected by the surgery. Therapeutic grade essential oils were also used to work on improving his memory and increase sensation to the perineum post surgery. The couple was happy to announce there was significant improvement in erectile function within the first 6 month post surgery.