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Inability To Turn the Head - Torticollis

Balanced Body Chiropractic in Boronia provide treatment for babies and children. A wry neck or torticollis is a common problem in which babies are unable to turn their head. Torticollis may be treatable with chiropractic care.

Infant torticollis, can cause head and neck pain in babies and make it difficult to turn their head. One side of the neck may appear shorter. The infant will often be tender in the upper neck and back of the head, be irritable and may present with feeding and sleeping difficulty.

Causes of Torticollis

In newborns, torticollis can occur due to awkward positioning of the head and neck in the womb or after a difficult birth. Other causes include direct trauma to the head or neck, infection, illness, muscle spasms and eye problems. Typical signs and symptoms of torticollis include;

  • Baby tilting the head to one side
  • One shoulder is higher than the other
  • Prefers one breast
  • Turns head to one side only
  • Prefers to sleep on one side
  • Gets upset when unable to turn his/her head
  • Limited range of motion in the neck
  • Irritable pain response when touching the head or neck
  • Excessive drooling
  • Poor eye coordination.

Infant Torticollis and Chiropractic

Balanced Body Chiropractic can assist in identifying the cause of torticollis. Some types of torticollis are treatable with chiropractic techniques. A full assessment of your baby's head, neck, spine and hips is usually required. Utilising chiropractic techniques; muscular spams, cervical spine and cranial bone alignment is able to be influenced, facilitating improvement and assisting in recovery from torticollis symptoms. Advice on managing your baby's torticollis is also available and may include parent-assisted exercises and stretches, adjusting feeding routines and positions as well as play activities that encourage your baby to look in multiple directions.